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PU 650 TC-1K » Clever Polymers

PU 650 TC 1K is a single component, PU based, aliphatic top coat with high UV resistance. It is an elastic top coat material for PU waterproofing membranes. It cures with the humidity in the air and creates a seamless flexible and colored film layer. As has an aliphatic structure, it preserves its color when exposed to sunlight and does not fade or become yellowish.

• Areas exposed to pedestrian traffic
• Stadiums
• Indoor and outdoor car parks
• As an elastic finishing material for polyurethane and polyurea waterproofing
• Industrial floors
• Building materials such as wood, stone, marble or brick
• Indoor and outdoor applications
• Terraces, verandas and balconies
• Roofs exposed to UV
• Surfaces requiring high wear resistance