400 BT-2K

Two Component, Bitumen Polyurethane Based Liquid Membrane

PU 110

One Component, Low viscosity, UV Resistant PU Based Liquid Membrane

PU 120

One Component, UV Resistant PU Based Liquid Membrane

Clever Polymers polyurethane liquid membranes, industrial floor coatings, epoxy repair mortars and many types of primers in its modern facilities.

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Product Systems

Polyurethane based water proof products.

One or two components. Highly elastic and endure liquid membran coatings...

Bitumen Waterproofing Materials

Two component, polymer modified, bitumen and rubber based, waterproofing material...

Polyurea Waterproofing Membrane

Two Component, Fast Curing Cold Applied Polyurea Waterproofing Membrane...

Polyurethane Based Primers

One or two component PU primers…

Polyurethan based injection systems.

One or two component injection.

Polyurethan based covering systems.

Two component highly endure floor coatings.

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